About the project

Excellent location
in the Botanical garden of Batumi

The house is located 320 m from the Black sea and is located in the recreational area of the city away from the city noise. Beach near the apartments in Batumi is the cleanest on the coast.

The apartment has a beautiful view on the sea and on the other side the highest mountains of Georgia. Besde the building there is the car parking.

Green Line apartments are in 5 km from the center of Batumi. You can get to the center by bus № 8; 10, (the fare is paid with a travel card, the cost is 0.30 GEL), a fixed-route taxi No. 31, 40 (the cost of trip is 0.50 GEL), or a taxi (Yandex, Maxim, the cost is about 6-10 GEL). The trip takes about 5-7 minutes. The way to the beach takes 5-10 minutes in steps.

Buying apartments and making real estate documents in Georgia takes about 10-15 minutes. If you intend to purchase our properties, our Manager will personally meet and arrange transfer from the airport to your apartment and conduct a sightseeing tour of the city!

Another nice bonus: 94 countries have the right within the territory of Georgia for a year without a visa!

Infrastructure of the house

Category home - Apartment hotel
The acquisition of apartments in "batumi Green line" gives you the opportunity to generate revenue from their own investment!
You will recoup their investment in 5 years!

You can not only manage their apartments themselves and transmit them to the management of our company, which organizes all the necessary procedures to attract and renting your apartment.

Services and infrastructure in the building and in the apartment: swimming pool, cafe, meeting room, reception, round the clock security, video surveillance, cleaning floors, 2 elevators, Internet, cable TV, natural gas.

Apartments in the house are sold from 5th to 10th floors. On the 13th and 14th floors, it is possible to sell by floor.
From the 1st to the 4th floors there is a hotel. The reception is open 24 hours, booking is possible directly, by phone +995 514 00 50 50, as well as through Booking.com.

Apartment in a newly built 14-storey luxury house in the Green Cape in 320 m from the beach and 500 metres from the Batumi Botanical Garden. The area of apartments: from 33,5 to 179 sq. m. The apartments have aluminium French Windows from floor to ceiling. The façade of the building with high quality finishing materials - ceramic tiles are resistant to external impacts of natural and anthropogenic origin.


The climate of Georgia is mild and rainy in the territory of the coast and Western plains, and a more continental and drier in the Central and Eastern inland regions, the climate in the mountains of Georgia colder.

Winter in Georgia is fairly mild in the coastal regions where the average January temperature is about 5-6 °C; the sea moderates the climate, and the Caucasus mountains in the North partially protect these regions from cold winds, but it must be remembered that mountains are cold Russian plains, so sometimes a little cold air still penetrates to these regions: in an average year in these places about ten snow days.

Summers are warm or even slightly hot, with average temperatures of about +30 °C in July and August; the lack of sunlight there.

On the territory of the Caucasus mountains (Great Caucasus in the North and the lesser Caucasus in the South) and the secondary mountain ranges the climate of Georgia is an Alpine, more or less cold, depending on the height above sea level and in winter there are heavy snowfalls; at an altitude of over 3 500 metres meet vast glaciers, especially in the greater Caucasus mountains, which are higher. The highest point in Georgia is mount Shkhara, with an altitude of 5193 meters .

Apartments for sale in under construction building

Registration of purchase in Register The transaction is registered in Public Register of Georgia. After registration real estate is registered on the buyer as the owner. In case of concluding a preliminary contract of sale, the apartment is registered in Public Register on the buyer as a future owner, until the parties fulfill the conditions of the preliminary contract (until full payment by buyer, and until completion of construction and lounching of building by the seller-company) An extract from the registry can be viewed and printed from the official registry website - www.reestri.gov.ge.

Documents required for registration of real estate in Georgia For citizens of Georgia, as well as persons who have a residence permit, real estate is registered on an internal passport or identity card. For citizens of other countries, real estate is registered on international passport - this document is valid abroad.

Term of registration of real estate in the Register The purchase and sale transaction and registration of real estate for a new owner is made in the public register within 4 business days and costs 55 GEL (~ $ 18 USD). There is a possibility for an additional payment to speed up the registration. Registration in one day will cost 155 GEL (~ $ 54 USD), for an hour - 205 GEL (~ $ 72 USD). Real estate registration upon purchase by installments. If housing is purchased in installments, then two contracts are drawn up - preliminary and main. Also, according to the Civil Code of Georgia, the main contract of sale with installment payment can be immediately concluded.

What language is the contract drawn up in? The sales contract is executed in triplicate (for the buyer, seller and state registry) in two languages - Georgian (state) and in language of the buyer.